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Tested and adapted to local conditions, improved by us and constantly used.

The Treffler family business located in Echheim, a town in Bavaria, specialises in developing and manufacturing land cultivation machinery for organic and sustainable agriculture.

The Treffler company derives from a blacksmith shop founded in the 17th century in Echheim by the Treffler family. The company has since stayed in the same town and is run by members of the same family. Treffler stands out from other manufacturers in that the engineers of the company develop original machinery for sustainable agriculture, rather than adapting it, and have several patented solutions

Trefller technologies that are suited for organic farming allow farms to significantly increase productivity, ensure high quality of land cultivation, facilitate and accelerate important agricultural tasks.


BB-Umweltechnik is a strong German player in the field of agricultural machinery. The development of the products of this company started in 2005 when Max Bannaski, its founder, a mechanic and farmer, realised that the agricultural equipment he needed for his organic farms were not on the market. This way the business which offers a wide range of equipment was born.
The motto of this company which develops sustainable grassland cultivation equipment is: “Maximum ecological and economic efficiency with minimum energy consumption”.
Powerful, lightweight and high-performance machinery help to achieve much better results than conventional agricultural equipment. Sustainable farming is no longer just an idea - thanks to machinery of this company, it becomes an achievable reality.