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ROC RT continous merger

With this continuous merger, you can achieve the optimal results after mowing the grass. A special pick-up system with conveyor belts makes it possible to ensure high fodder quality at minimal costs.

This equipment has been used in AUGA group organic farms since 2016. It can be universally applicable not only to merge grass or seed clover into bands but also for raking straw.


What is it for?

The continuous merger is designed for thorough and clean collection of cut grass fodder into swaths. It is used after mowing the grass to collect withered or dried fodder grass.


How does it work?

There is a rotary picker built into at the front of the rake. It lifts a mass of grass on a belt conveyor and directs the grass in the selected trajectory (to the left, to the right, or in both directions simultaneously).



  • Tandem castors smoothly follow the ground. Therefore, the rake collects the required mass very cleanly, and fodder that is prepared during raking does not get into contact with the soil.
  • The built-in trajectory selection feature of the continuous merger makes it possible to form a swath of any size, depending on tonnage and type of crop, and ensures convenient and efficient grass collection.
  • The belt conveyor system preserves the leaves of the fodder plants and retains their quality. Therefore, high fodder quality is ensured.
  • The rear axle of the continuous merger can rise to a height of up to 1 m. This ensures comfortable turns on headlands, thus saving time.
  • Durability. The continuous merger does not require much maintenance during the season. In addition, there is built-in automatic lubrication of all units.
  • Lightweight design – this continuous merger requires little horsepower (HP 120/150).


Optional equipment:

  • Air brakes.
  • Automatic belt control from the tractor cab.
  • 6-finger row picker.
  • 52-point automatic lubrication.
  • Extra tines for a more even distribution of mass on the belt.

Other models of ROC continuous mergers are also available at AUGA tech centre.

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