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BB-UMWELTECHNIK front butterly mower

Farm wisely. The modern double-blade butterfly mower does not mix plants into the soil. Therefore, the plants dry out more quickly, and you save not only your time but also the money that you would otherwise spend on grass turning.

This mower is an important assistant in agriculture, and it has been used in the organic farms of AUGA group since 2017. This high performance and lightweight machine is perfect for fodder preparation (grass mowing).


What is it for?

The double-blade butterfly mower is designed for mowing fodder grass. It can be used throughout the season. It is especially suitable for mowing protein-rich grass, such as clover or alfaalfa.


How does it work?

The two blades of the mower move in opposite directions. Thanks to the double-blade system, grass can be cut cleanly and be deposited evenly on the surface.



  • Double-blade mowers allows grass to be cut cleaner compared to rotary mowers. This technology avoids forage contamination with soil, it does not shake off the cut off or otherwise damage leaves that contain valuable proteins. The forage is deposited completely homogeneously and evenly on the surface. The result is excellent drying behaviour of the forage, and turning can be significantly reduced. This is especially important in seed processing for propagation, as this prevents seeds from getting scattered.
  • A double-blade mower snips off a plant, instead of chopping it off. This results in a straight cut, which significantly improves the regrowth of the plants.
  • Double-blade mower is significantly lighter than rotary mowers due to its lightweight design. Its weight starts at 810 kg. Therefore, the mower does not require a high-power tractor, and it reduces soil compaction.
  • The mower has a separate hydraulic system and control options for different sections. This enables convenient crossing of obstacles and manoeuvring in narrow areas in the field.
  • Folding sections of the Butterfly mower enable convenient transportation of the equipment, and ensures a wide working width when unfolded – up to 9,5 m.
  • Clear view to the front even in transport position; and the driver can easily see obstacles ahead.


Optional equipment:
Automatic grinding machine.

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