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TREFFLER TGA mounted precision cultivator

The precision cultivator of the TGA series performs the same function as the cultivator of the TG series. The main differences: mounting of the equipment, designed for smaller areas, and suitable for low power tractors.

This cultivator, which has been used already for several years in the organic farms of AUGA group, is designed for min-till cultivation and weed control in smaller fields or in the corners of large fields. This cultivator is perfect for soil preparation for all crops.


What is it for?

The mounted precision cultivator of the TGA series is used for weed control and soil preparation before sowing. It is also used after harvest – with its help the soil structure is restored, the capillary evaporation of moisture is stopped, and germination of stray grain seeds is promoted.


How does it work?

The tines cut out weeds at a precisely-set and maintained depth. The levellers, which are mounted under the cultivation feet, perfectly even out the soil surface.



  • The working depth is maintained with extreme precision (from 2 cm). The tandem front wheels and a double ring packer roller enable extremely precise contouring of the soil surface.
  • The hydraulic stone protection system maintains the working depth of the duck feet tines even in difficult working conditions. This protection system prevents damage to the foot of the implement when obstacles occur and ensures that it works consistently at the same depth and it encourages the germination of seeds or stray grain.
  • The duck feet tines (horizontal cutting technology) work parallel to the soil surface. As a result, the capillaries are not closed, and the soil is less compressed. When working with this horizontal cutting technology, air and moisture circulate better in the soil, and better root growth is ensured. Low-resistance cutting also ensures lower fuel consumption.
  • Arrangement of the tines: every 4 cm, in each line, on both sides. The tines are firmly attached, they do not move to the sides and overlap is ensured. Such an arrangement of the tines ensures full tillage and complete excision of weeds.
  • High maneuverability – the implement is fully raised, so the turning radius is equal to the turning radius of the tractor. This makes it possible to save time and to reduce soil compaction.


Optional equipment:

  • Tines in carbide steel, which prolong the service life by 7 to 10 times, always remain sharp, and do not compact the soil.


Improvements done:

  • Mounting to the tractor has been renewed and reinforced.
  • Reinforced frame construction.

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