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TREFFLER TF precision spring-tooth cultivator

A universal cultivator, using which you will be able to perform various agricultural tasks in a high-quality and efficient manner.

The cultivator has been used in AUGA group organic farms since 2015 for all crops. It is particularly good for repeated cultivation of the surface, as it uproots couch grass and dries the soil surface. The cultivator perfectly performs shallow processing of cereal stubble immediately after threshing. It is used instead of a disc cultivator.


What is it for?

The precision spring-tooth cultivator can be used in several ways. With a standard tine the soil can be cultivated and dried before sowing, and the roots of couch grass can be brought to the surface of the soil.

Using a duck foot tine the top layer of the soil can be easily shaved off and weeds can be exterminated before sowing. The third way of using the cultivator is for the working in of slurry.


How does it work?

Vibrating tines bring weeds and their roots to the surface of the soil.



  • Lightweight design. Therefore, there is no need to use a powerful tractor. Soil compaction is avoided.
  • The spring-loaded tines are a patented technology that ensures smooth following of the soil surface and efficient bringing of the roots to the surface of the soil.
  • High distance to the frame ensures non-clogging of the equipment and high performance.
  • Universal – light soil cultivation can be done with duck foot tines.


Improvements done:

Reinforced frame.

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