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TREFFLER TS precision tine harrow

A modern harrow tine tension and compression system, which is built into the harrow, enables highly efficient eradication of weeds. The harrow operating settings can be adjusted even without getting out of the tractor cab.

This equipment has been used in AUGA group farms since 2015 for all crops and vegetables . The precision tine harrow ensures high quality weed control.


What is it for?

The precision tine harrow is used for weed control, soil surface aeration (allowing oxygen to reach the roots of the plant), destruction of the crust formed on the soil, breakdown of capillaries for moisture retention in the soil, and fertiliser application.

The harrow is used for all crops immediately after sowing or in the initial stage of plant growth when the plants have already germinated and weeds are in the thread stage or have just germinated. The harrow can be also used in early spring, for the care of winter crops such as cereals and oilseed rape.


How does it work?

Each tine of the harrow mechanically destroys weeds by individually following the soil surface.



  • Smooth surface following helps to maintain precisely the set working depth. In this way, weeds are fully eradicated with no damage to crops.
  • An adjustable system of tension and compression of harrow tines is built in the harrow. Having assessed the soil, the harrow can be operated directly from the tractor cab in order to achieve the maximum weed extermination result. Due to the wide pressure interval (from 200 g to 5,000 g) the harrow can be adapted to different crops and weed development stages, and different soil types.
  • An adjustable angle of attack helps to determine the most efficient operating mode according to the soil structure.
  • The system of densely arranged harrow tines ensures a distance of 2.8 cm between the tines. Due to this feature, the equipment operates very efficiently and perfectly uproots weeds.


Improvements done:

Additional height-adjustable small wheels were introduced for a better ground contouring.

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