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TREFFLER TSW cutting roller

The residue crusher with a three-roller system is a much-needed helper of farmers after harvest and before sowing. Vegetable residues treated in this way get decomposed and interact with the soil faster.

What is it for?

The crop residue cutter roller is designed for crushing and mixing with the soil residue from plants such as stubble from maize and rapeseed, also cover crops, such as mustard, radish, various mixtures. It is used after the harvest (for crop residues) or before sowing (for interim crops). Also suitable for processing of frostbitten cover crops in the spring. This cutting roller is particularly relevant in min-till farming.


How does it work?

The rollers flatten crop residues, crush them and mix them with the soil.



  • The TREFFLER cutting roller actually has three rollers: the first rigid roller is designed to lay the mass on the soil, while the second and the third rollers operate in a tandem system along with spirally curved blades.
  • The aggregate fully lays down crop residues and crushes them, leaving organic fertilizer in the soil. Residues crushed this way decompose and mineralize more quickly in the soil. They do not clog other equipment used.

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